SLPI: Sign Language Proficiency Interview

North Carolina ASLTA (NC ASLTA) has established a new SLPI: ASL Program. It is available for any candidate within or out of the state who wishes to take the Sign Language Proficiency Interview in ASL. The SLPI: ASL interviews are conducted through videophone and recorded for the raters. This requirement became effective on January 1, 2009.

The NC ASLTA SLPI: ASL consists of interviewers and raters in North Carolina who have undergone training and have some years of SLPI: ASL experience. Many of them work for governmental or community service agencies for the Deaf and hard of hearing, or colleges/universities or businesses.

To apply for a SLPI: ASL interview, please fill out the following form, and then email to. Then you will be contacted for your interview. For more information, contact

NC ASLTA was founded as a chapter of the national ASLTA in 1993. For more information about NC ASLTA, see its website at

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